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Decatur County, Georgia
March 7, 1540 Hernando deSoto reaches the Capachequi River (now called the Flint River) in the general vicinity of Bainbridge
  Decatur County, Georgia
  Hernando deSoto
December 8, 1823 Decatur County created
  Stephen Decatur
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Decatur County, Georgia
February 14, 2000 Tornadoes strike Camilla, Georgia, south of Albany
  Worth County, Georgia
  Tornadoes kill 19 in Southwest Georgia
  Mitchell County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
  Turner County, Georgia
  Tift County, Georgia
  Colquitt County, Georgia
  Grady County, Georgia
  Decatur County, Georgia

Name derivation:Named in honor of Stephen Decatur, a highly respected war hero.
Acquisition: Creek cession of August 9, 1814
Taken from: Early County
Counties created from: Grady County, Seminole County, Thomas County
Cities: Bainbridge (county seat)

Web sites:National Register of Historic Places in Decatur County, Georgia
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In 1960, Decatur County's economy was severly impacted by the closing of Bainbridge Air Force Base. It was the second (and final) closing for the facility. Opened as Bainbridge Army Air Field in 1943, the base closed after the end of World War II. Reopened for the Korean War, the base was closed in 1960, costing the county more than 600 jobs.

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