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Dooly County, Georgia
May 15, 1821 Dooly County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Dooly County, Georgia
March 31, 1961 F3 tornado strikes Dooly County, killing 1 and injuring 14. More than 2.5 million dollars in damage. Tornadoes also strike Schley, Houstoun, Pulaski, Bleckley, Laurens, Worth and Tattnall counties.
  Tattnall County, Georgia
  Laurens County, Georgia
  Houston County, Georgia
  Schley County, Georgia
  Dooly County, Georgia
  Bleckly County, Georgia
  Worth County, Georgia
  Pulaski County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
April 15, 1998 Tornado strikes Dooly County
  Dooly County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes

Name derivation:Named in honor of John Dooly, who, with Elijah Clarke and Andrew Pickens, led backcountry resistance to British rule of Georgia during the American Revolution. He was murdered in front of his children by British Regulars.
Acquisition: Creek cession of January 8, 1821
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Web sites:National Register of Historic Places in Dooly County, Georgia

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