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Elbert County, Georgia
December 10, 1790 Elbert County created
  Samuel Elbert
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Elbert County, Georgia
November 15, 1815 Former governor Stephen Heard dies, Elbert County, Georgia
  Elbert County, Georgia
March 18, 1830 Robert Toombs admitted to the bar in Elbert County.
  Elbert County, Georgia
  Robert Toombs
September 15, 1834 William Harris Crawford dies at a friend's home near Elberton, Georgia.
  Elbert County, Georgia
  William Harris (W. H.) Crawford
June 28, 1902 Major portion of the city of Elberton, Georgia (county seat of Elbert County) is destroyed by fire
  Elbert County, Georgia
March 13, 1954 Storms ripped through the state, including Chattahoochee, Taylor, Houstoun, Crawford, Bibb, Twiggs, Hall, Madison and Elbert County, killing 8 and injuring more than 100 people
  Bibb County, Georgia
  Elbert County, Georgia
  Crawford County, Georgia

Name derivation:Named in honor of Samuel Elbert; captured the first English vessel during the American Revolution; leader of The Second Florida Expedition; commander, Briar Creek; governor of Georgia. At the battle of Briar Creek Elbert and a small force of Georgia militia delayed the advance of British regulars long enough for a significant amount of his force to escape.
Acquisition: Creek land cessions, 1773
Taken from: Wilkes County, Georgia
Counties created from: Madison County, GA;
Cities: Bell, Beverly, Bowman, Centerville, Comolli, Dewey Rose, Dove Creek, Dye, Elberton (county seat), Ethridge, Fortsonia, Goss, Hard Cash, Heardmont, Hulmeville, Match, Middleton, Montevideo, Nickville, Norman, North Elberton, Oglesby, Pearl, Rock Branch, Ruckersville, Silk Mills, Thirteen Forks

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