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Escaped Emu on I-20
February 6, 2008 Emu snarls traffic on I-20 near Appling
  Escaped Emu on I-20
  Columbia County, Georgia

Folks driving on I-20 between Thomson and Augusta were delayed for up to two hours on Wednesday, February 8 when an emu wandered near the interstate before authorities stepped in and nabbed the escapee. Police are now looking for the owner of the flightless bird, hopefully from a farm near the east Georgia town of Appling.

Emus, a three-toed native of Australia, are the planet's second-largest bird, behind the ostrich. The errant emu was spotted by motorists after it appeared in the highway median between the Thomson and Camak exits according to Captain Larry Barnard of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. "The biggest concern", he said, "was the threat to motorists." The bird is extremely powerful and has been know to kill humans.

Animal control officers Columbia County cautiously surrounded the emu in the median. One of the animal control officers grabbed its legs and another grabbed the upper body and another put a covering over its head and loaded it into the truck.

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