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Falcons postseason, 2003
January 5, 2003 Atlanta Falcons beat the Packers at Green Bay, 27-7
  Falcons postseason, 2003
January 11, 2003 The Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl dreams are smashed by the Philadelphia Eagles, 20-6.
  Atlanta Falcons
  Falcons postseason, 2003

Few people expected the Atlanta Falcons (10-7-1) to beat the Green Bay Packers, their first opponent in the 2002-2003 postseason play, but that's exactly what happened on cold Lambeau Field in Wisconsin. The Falcons, led by quarterback Michael Vick, outran the Packer defense, although the Packers did have more yards passing. Vick himself tied with Warrick Dunn for most yards rushing at 64. Dunn added 40 yards as a receiver, making him the overall leader.

The following week the Falcons came up against the formidable Philadelphia Eagles. Quickly scoring 13 points, the Eagles never lost the lead, although Atlanta did look strong during the middle of the game. Slowly the time clicked off the clock while Atlanta managed to score 6 points. These were the only points the Falcons could come up with, losing the game 20-6

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