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Flannery O'Connor
March 25, 1925 Flannery O'Connor (sometimes mispelled as O'Conner) is born in Savannah, Georgia
  Savannah, Georgia births and deaths
  Flannery O'Connor
March 1, 1957 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars airs The Life You Save, starring Gene Kelly, Agnes Moorehead and Janice Rule. It is written by Flannery O' Connor
  Flannery O'Connor
August 3, 1964 Flannery O'Connor died, Baldwin County Hospital, Milledgeville, from complications resulting from lupus.
  Baldwin County, Georgia
  Flannery O'Connor
February 17, 1980 Wise Blood, directed and starring John Huston based on a novel by Flannery O'Connor is released
  Flannery O'Connor
March 23, 1992 Martha McChesney Berry, Lucy Craft Laney, Juliette Gordon Low, Sara Branham (Matthews) and Flannery O'Connor are the first inductees into the Georgia Women of Achievement
  Martha Berry
  Flannery O'Connor

Flannery O'Connor

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