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Fred Tokars orders a 'hit' on his wife
November 29, 1992 Sara Tokars, a Marietta homemaker, is killed in front of her two young children.
  Marietta, GA
  Fred Tokars orders a 'hit' on his wife
December 23, 1992 Eddie Lawrence and Toozdae Rower are indicted on murder charges in the death of Sara Tokars
  Fred Tokars orders a 'hit' on his wife
August 25, 1993 A federal grand jury indicts Fred Tokars
  Fred Tokars orders a 'hit' on his wife
June 17, 1994 Eddie Lawrence pleads guilty in the murder of Sara Tokars
  Fred Tokars orders a 'hit' on his wife
March 8, 1997 Fred Tokars is convicted of murder in the death of his wife, Sara
  Fred Tokars orders a 'hit' on his wife

Fred Tokars was, at best, an unlikely criminal. As a one-time prosecutor and a current defense attorney Tokars had seen both sides of the process and what happens to those convicted of crimes. Yet Tokars was faced with exposure of exactly what he was (a felon with ongoing criminal enterprises) by a wife who knew a little too much. That drove Fred Tokars to murder.

Sara Tokars knew of Fred's infidelity. She knew of his foreign bank accounts and shady dealings with unsavory characters. She did not know about the almost $2 million in life insurance that Fred Tokars had taken out on Sara. That fact might have warned about her impending death.

Sara also knew something was amiss, however, and she began to make copies of incriminating evidence, which she gave to her sister, whom she also told of her suspicions. She was returning home from a Thanksgiving visit with her Mom and Dad in Florida when Curtis Rower kidnapped her and her two sons, Ricky and Mikey. After forcing the three into the Tokars' van, Rower made Sara drive for a mile, then blasted Sarah's head with a sawed-off shotgun in front of her two children.

Initially the crime appeared to be robbery gone bad, but as the case was investigated, the police realized something far more sinister was occurring. Investigators quickly found a real-estate developer, Eddie Lawrence, with whom Fred Tokars had a business connection. It was through Lawrence that they found the shooter, Curtis Rower.

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