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George Gilmer
May 19, 1829 George Gilmer resigns his seat in the U. S. House.
  George Gilmer
November 4, 1829 George Gilmer begins term as governor of Georgia
  Governors of Georgia, 1801-1900
  George Gilmer
May 16, 1831 Governor Gilmer advises Samuel Worcester that the Georgia law requiring white men to take an oath of allegiance to state applies to everybody. In the same letter Gilmer advises Worcester that he has been relieved from his job as postmaster.
  George Gilmer
July 7, 1831 Under orders from governor George Gilmer, Georgia Guard arrests Samuel Worcester and takes him to Camp Gilmer
  George Gilmer
October 3, 1831 Georgia's gubernatorial election of 1831 pitted George Gilmer against Wilson Lumpkin. The major difference between the two was Lumpkin promised Georgia Cherokee gold and Cherokee land while Gilmer had a "reserve" plan to hold the gold mines and no plan to take the Cherokee land. Lumpkin easily won the election
  George Gilmer

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