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Georgia Gas Shortage
September 13, 2008 Hurricane Ike strikes Galveston, Texas, cutting power to to 9 oil refineries that serve the Southeast United States.
  Georgia Gas Shortage
September 16, 2008 With power out in Galveston refineries, gas shortages hit Georgia and other Southeastern U. S. states
  Georgia Gas Shortage
September 30, 2008 Gas begins to flow to stations in Georgia, relieving the crunch following Hurricane Ike
  Georgia Gas Shortage

Using Ike as a name for a hurricane was an inside "meteorological" joke. IKE, or Integrated Kinetic Energy is a little known measure of the power of a hurricane, and Hurricane Ike had the second highest IKE of any Atlantic storm in the past 40 years, although the storm struck the Texas coast as a Category 2 hurricane. Because of the massive size of Ike, the storm surge was expected to reach 22 to 24 feet. When the storm hit, the surge was between 14 and 15 feet. Although the 17-foot seawall and raised roadbed west of the seawall protected the city somewhat, destruction did occur. A major hit was to the electric delivery system. which knocked nearby refineries off-line.

With little gasoline flowing to replenish supplies in Georgia, workers struggled to keep cars fueled to get to work. Some companies began offering employees telecommuting options while others reduced trips in the family car. By Friday, September 26, the effect in urban areas was easily noticed as traffic counts at busy intersections dropped by 50%.

Although significant gas supplies began reaching the state on Tuesday, September 30, one petroleum distribution engineer estimated it would be two weeks before state supplies "normalized."

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