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Hall County, Georgia
December 15, 1818 Hall County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Hall County, Georgia
April 21, 1821 Mule Camp Springs in Hall County is renamed Gainesville.
  Hall County, Georgia
November 30, 1821 Gainesville is officially recognized by the state of Georgia as county seat
  Hall County, Georgia
June 1, 1830 Hall, Habersham, Carroll, Dekalb and Gwinnett Counties are now responsible for enforcing civil law in the Cherokee Nation, at least as far as the state of Georgia is concerned
  Original Cherokee County
  Hall County, Georgia
  Habersham County, Georgia
  Carroll County, Georgia
  DeKalb County, Georgia
  Gwinnett County, Georgia
June 1, 1903 Tornado strikes Gainesville, Georgia and Hall County
  Georgia Tornadoes
  Hall County, Georgia
April 6, 1936 Tornado destroys downtown Gainesville
  Hall County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
March 20, 1998 Tornadoes destroy homes in North Georgia, claiming 14 lives in Hall and White Counties
  Hall County, Georgia
  White County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
November 15, 2004 After warning his teachers in Gainesville, Georgia that he could not endure any more time in a solitary confinement room in his school, 13-year-old Jonathan King hung himself while being confined.
  Hall County, Georgia

Name derivation: Named in honor of Dr. Lyman Hall, who who lived in Midway (Liberty County, Georgia) and was an early supporter of the Radicals, signed the Declaration of Independence for the state of Georgia, fled the state fearing British repercussions for his actions, returning to serve as governor after the American Revolution.
Acquisition: Cherokee land cession - July 8, 1817 and Creek land cession of February 27, 1819
Taken from: Original County
Counties created from: Lumpkin County
Cities: Gainesville (county seat),
Web sites:National Register of Historic Places in Hall County, Georgia
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