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Intolerable Acts
March 24, 1774 Britain passes the "Intolerable Acts."
  Intolerable Acts
September 9, 1774 The Suffolk Resolves are adopted by at a convention in Milton. Written by Joseph Warren, the Resolves split the members of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia
  Joseph Warren
  Intolerable Acts
September 17, 1774 The Continental Congress endorses the Suffolk Resolves
  Intolerable Acts

Three of the acts passed by Britain on this date were specifically designed to punish Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party. These included closing Boston Harbor until the tea dumped overboard by Samuel Adams' Sons of Liberty was paid for, putting restrictions on the Massachusetts government, and changing the border with Quebec. The two acts that most concerned Georgia were the 'Administration of Justice' act that prohibited soldiers being tried in America for crimes they committed, and the Quartering Act, requiring colonies to pay for the expenses of soldiers. Georgia was actively seeking British soldiers to protect them from Creek and Cherokee raids on the frontier.

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