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Jackie Robinson
January 31, 1919 Jackie Robinson born, Cairo
  Jackie Robinson
October 23, 1945 Branch Rickey signs Jackie Robinson to play for the Montreal Royals.
  Jackie Robinson
October 25, 1945 Kansas City Monarchs decide not to prevent Jaackie Robinson from playing for Montreal (International League).
  Jackie Robinson
April 15, 1947 Jackie Robinson dons a Brooklyn Dodgers uniform and walks onto Ebbetts Field in Brooklyn as firstbaseman (he would later play 2nd base and other positions). At that moment he becomes the first modern-era black player in the history of baseball.
  Jackie Robinson
September 17, 1947 Jackie Robinson named The Sporting News' Rookie of the Year
  Jackie Robinson
October 24, 1972 Jackie Robinson dies, Stamford, Connecticut
  Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson is the first black player in modern (post-1900) baseball. Young Jackie moved from Cairo, Georgia to Pasadena, CA, where he grew up and attended UCLA. During World War II he made lieutenant. Promoter Branch Rickie selected Jackie for the toughest assignment of his life, integrating professional baseball, a task at which Jackie proved worthy. He silenced his critics, frequently turning them into supporters (like The Sporting News).

For more on the Ebbet's Field hero, see Jackie Robinson bio

The first black player in baseball was Moses "Fleet" Fleetwood, who played before rules regarding segregation of black and white players were established. In fact, they were established because powerful white ballplayers objected to playing with Fleetwood.

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