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James Nathaniel 'Jim' Brown
February 17, 1936 Jim Brown born, St. Simons Island
  James Nathaniel 'Jim' Brown

Easily one of the top ten football players of all-time, Jim Brown ran his way into the Football Hall of Fame as a Cleveland Brown. After being named All-American at Syracuse in 1956, he was NFL Rookie of the Year in 1957, 10 years after fellow Georgian Jackie Robinson broke the "color-line" in modern-day professional sports. Jim, as he likes to be called, rolled up 12,312 yards while scoring 126 touchdowns in 9 seasons. He also caught 262 passes, making his lifetime total yardage 15,459 yards. After retiring from pro football, Brown was one of the first athletes to convert his prowess on the field to a career off the field. His legendary "run" during The Dirty Dozen was the highlight of the film. He took the starring role in 100 Rifles with Raquel Welch and Burt Reynolds as supporting cast, then began a string of forgettable movies that were part of the "blaxploitation" era of Hollywood. In 1988 he spoofed these roles in "I'm Gonna Get You, Sucka," a hilarious send-up of these earlier films written, directed and starring Keenen Ivory Wayans.

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