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John Cabot's 2nd Voyage
May 20, 1498 Italian explorer John Cabot leaves Dursey Head (Ireland) and makes a 2nd trip to explore North America. It is possible that while on the trip Cabot explored the coast of Georgia
  John Cabot's 2nd Voyage

It is possible that during his second voyage (from which he did not return), John Cabot became the first European to explore the coast of Georgia. The most compelling support for the claim is the circa 1500AD map of Juan de la Cosa, who owned the Santa Maria and accompanied Christopher Columbus on two journeys to the New World. On the map are five English standards and the phrase "mar descubierta por inglese" ('sea discovered by the English'). The map fairly accurately shows North and South America in spite of the fact that Columbus never explored these areas. The map is on display at the Museo Naval, Madrid.

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