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John Treutlen
January 16, 1734 John Treutlen born, Kurnbach, Germany
  John Treutlen
January 22, 1746 Among the passengers arriving at Fort Frederica on the Judith is future governor John Truetlen
  John Treutlen
January 24, 1777 At the behest of the 2nd Continental Congress, a "Committee of Seven" is appointed to revise the Rules and Regulations of 1776. Button Gwinnett, William Belcher, Joseph Wood, Josiah Lewis, John Adam Treutlen, Henry Jones and George Wells are chosen.
  John Treutlen
  Button Gwinnett
May 8, 1777 John Adam Treutlen becomes the first elected governor of Georgia
  John Treutlen
  Governors of Georgia, 1733-1800
July 15, 1777 Governor John Adam Treutlen places a $100 reward on William Henry Drayton. Drayton had been advocating the creation of a single state from Georgia and South Carolina
  John Treutlen
December 0, 1782 John Treutlen died, Mett's Crossroads, South Carolina
  John Treutlen
August 21, 1917 Treutlen County created
  John Treutlen
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Treutlen County, Georgia

This early Georgia governor was a Salzburger who arrived as indentured servant in 1746. Johann Martin Boltzius, religious leader of the Salzburgers, brought Treutlen to Ebeneezer for an education that same year. His success at trade led him into a real estate career and life as a planter. His political career spanned lower jobs such as justice of the peace to member of the Provincial Congress representing the parish of St. George.

During the factitious Second Florida Expedition, Truetlen was elected as an interim governor under the state constitution. He worked to keep the government moving ahead, especially after the death of Lachlan McIntosh at the hands of Button Gwinnett. He retired from politics in January, 1778, following the election of his successor, John Houstoun.

He fled Georgia after the British burned his home and was murdered in South Carolina.

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