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Joseph Warren
June 11, 1741 Joseph Warren born, Roxbury, Massachusetts.
  Joseph Warren
September 9, 1774 The Suffolk Resolves are adopted by at a convention in Milton. Written by Joseph Warren, the Resolves split the members of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia
  Joseph Warren
  Intolerable Acts
April 18, 1775 Witnessing British troop movements, Joseph Warren asks Paul Revere to bring the news Samuel Adams and John Hancock in Lexington
  Joseph Warren
June 14, 1775 Joseph Warren appointed Major General of Massachusetts troops.
  Joseph Warren
June 17, 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill (Breed's Hill)
  Joseph Warren
December 19, 1793 Warren County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Warren County, Georgia
  Joseph Warren

Joseph Warren was a highly respected radical who wrote the Suffolk Resolves, was appointed Major General of the state troops, only to lose his life at the Battle of Bunker Hill

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