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Junior Samples
August 10, 1926 Alvin "Junior" Samples is born, Cumming, GA
  Junior Samples
November 13, 1983 Alvin "Junior" Samples dies (heart attack), Cumming, GA
  Junior Samples

This portly country comedian actually had a number of careers, including a stint as a stock car driver before entering show business at forty, after claiming he had caught a world-record bass in Lake Lanier. The resulting publicity, courtesy of the Fish and Game Warden sent to verify the claim, brought him fame. He recorded a comedy track that became a hit on country music station in 1967.

In 1969 the producers of Hee-Haw offered him a role on the new CBS show, which he gladly accepted. For the next 14 years Junior created a mumbling, bumbling persona that caused fans of the show to howl while critics generally scratched their heads. Junior Samples died of a heart attack. He is buried at Sawnee View Gardens in Cumming, Georgia

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