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Levi Frady
October 22, 1997 11-year-old Levi Frady leaves a friends house in Forsyth County. It is the last time anyone sees him alive.
  Levi Frady
October 23, 1997 The body of 11-year old Levi Frady is found in the Dawson Forest
  Levi Frady
January 23, 2002 Levi's Call, a statewide child abduction alert similar to the Amber Alert is implemented. Local law enforcement agencies can place these alerts state-wide through the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.
  Levi Frady
January 4, 2008 Gary Hilton dumps the body of Meridith Emerson less than a mile from the spot where Levi Frady's body had been dumped in 1997.
  Levi Frady
  Meredith Emerson

Levi Frady was 11 years old when he was last seen on Little Mill Road in Forsyth County. After a day with friends he was to ride his bike one mile to his house. When he did not come home that evening his mother and sister left looking for him. They could not find him and the next morning Levi Frady was reported missing to the Forsyth County Sheriff's Department.

Frady's bike was found about one-half mile from his home by his mother and twin sister the following day. Then came the grisly discovery of a child's body in neighboring Dawson County on October 23 by hunters on the first day of the 1997 hunting season. The body was quickly identified as Levi Frady and the search was on for his killer.

For years the police looked, even forming a special task force in 2000 in an attempt to find his killer. In 2002 the state created Levi's Call, to quickly find abducted children. Still, no one knew who had killed young Levi Frady.

On January 1, 2008, Gary Hilton abducted Meridith Emerson from the Byron Herbert Reece parking lot near Neel's Gap in Union County. When he led investigators to the body of Emerson in the Dawson Forest investigators immediately knew where they were...less than a mile from the site where Levi's body had been found.

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