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Logan E. Bleckley
July 3, 1827 Logan E. Bleckley born, Rabun County, Georgia
  Rabun County, Georgia
  Logan E. Bleckley
March 6, 1907 Logan E. Bleckley dies, Clarkesville, Georgia. He is interred at Oakland Cemetery
  Logan E. Bleckley
  Oakland Cemetery
June 30, 1912 Bleckley County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Bleckly County, Georgia
  Logan E. Bleckley

Justice Bleckley was born on Screamer Mountain, a remote location deep in Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains. As a young man he served George Washington Towns in at least two positions. He left government to begin a law practice at the age of 25. At 48 he was appointed an associate justice of the Georgia Supreme Court, where he eventually became chief justice before his retirement in 1894.

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