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Lone Star Flag
November 18, 1835 Joanna Troutman presents the first Lone Star flag to Col. William Ward, commander of the Georgia Battalion. The Macon, Georgia-area troops were headed west to join in the fight for Texas independence.
  City of Macon, Georgia
  Crawford County, Georgia
  Lone Star Flag
January 8, 1836 The Georgia Battalion under the command of Col. William Ward unfurls a flag featuring a large blue star on a field of white in Velasco. They are enroute to join Col. James Fannin at Goliad.
  Lone Star Flag
March 8, 1836 Col. James Fannin flies the "Lone Star" flag, designed by Georgian Joanna Troutman, at Goliad, making it the first flag to fly over an independent Texas.
  Lone Star Flag

Today's Texas State Flag and popular nickname, The Lone Star State, had its beginning along the Federal Highway in Crawford County, Georgia. Col. William Ward and the Georgia Battalion camped in the vicinity of Hiram Troutman's inn in Knoxville, (then Crawford County seat) while on the way to join in the fight for Texas independence.

Ward had earlier communicated with Troutman, telling him of his intention to stop at the inn with his battalion on his way to Texas. Joanna Troutman, Hiram's daughter, designed and created the Lone Star flag as a gift to the Georgians traveling west.

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