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Louise Suggs
September 7, 1923 Mae Louise Suggs, one of the founders of the LPGA, born, Atlanta, Georgia
  Louise Suggs
July 8, 1948 Louise Suggs becomes a professional golfer
  Louise Suggs
June 29, 1952 Louise Suggs wins the U. S. Woman's Golf Open
  Louise Suggs
June 20, 1953 Louise Suggs wins the LPGA Western Open
  Louise Suggs
January 14, 1989 Louise Suggs, Tommie Aaron, Thomas William Barnes, Arnold Blum, Alexa Stirling Frazer, William Goodloe, Watts Gunn, Robert Tyre Jones, Jr., Mary Dorothy Kirby, Hugh Royer, Jr., Doug Sanders, Harold Sargent and Charlie Yates become the first people inducted into the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame
  Louise Suggs

As an amateur Louise Suggs won the Georgia State Championship in 1940 and 1942, and won the Southern Amateur Open in 1941 and 1947.

From the time this Atlanta native turned pro in 1947 until she retired in 1962, Louise Suggs won 11 major Woman's golf tournaments and 50 LPGA events.

Suggs was a founding member of the Ladies Professional Golf Association

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