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Lover's Lane Murders
January 16, 1977 Police are called to the scene of a "traffic accident" in southwest Atlanta. Inside a car they find the bodies of LaBrian Kovett and Veronica Hill, the first victims in the Lovers Lane Murders
  Lover's Lane Murders
February 12, 1977 The Lover's Lane Murderer strikes again, at West Manor Park in Atlanta. The couple is seriously injured, but live to tell of an attack by a large black male
  Lover's Lane Murders
March 12, 1977 Lover's Lane murderer attacks a couple in Adams Park. He disappears without a trace and leaves one dead, one injured.
  Lover's Lane Murders

Police are summoned to an unusual auto accident near Adams Park in Southwest Atlanta on January 16, 1977. The vehicle struck a traffic sign after veering across an intersection. Inside was a man's nude body, LaBrian Lovett, covered in blood with wounds to the head, stomach, left arm and right leg. A naked woman, Veronica Hill, was sprawled across the backseat, shot in the left leg and abdomen. Both died from their wounds in a local hospital. Police theorized that a former lover had surprised the couple engaged in sex in nearby Adams Park

A month later, on February 12, the Lover's Lane Murderer struck again at West Manor Park, about 3 miles from Adams Park. The killer fired 6 rounds into a car at 2:45 am on February 12, then left when he was unable to open the locked car door. The couple inside survived multiple chest wounds to the chest. Police tied the two attacks together using ballistics. The victims described a large African-American as their attacker.

On March 12, 1977 Diane Collins and her fiance were parked in Adams Park when the Lovers Lane Murderer struck again, firing six rounds through the drivers window, killing Collins. Police decided to stake out local parks a month after the last shooting, but to no avail. The Lovers Lane Murderer never appeared again.

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