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Morgan County, Georgia
December 10, 1807 Morgan County created
  Daniel Morgan
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Morgan County, Georgia
November 20, 1864 Henry Slocum spares Madison, Georgia (Morgan County). Joshua Hill, who knew Sherman's brother John, was the last Confederate senator to leave Washington D. C., and had met Sherman during the Atlanta Campaign, rode out to meet Slocum and ask that the town be spared destruction. Slocum granted the request, ordering the town be spared. In spite of the order the town was heavily looted.
  Morgan County, Georgia
  March to the Sea
March 14, 1914 "Rather strong" earthquake struck the south-central area of Morgan County.
  Morgan County, Georgia

Name derivation:Named in honor of Brigadier General Daniel Morgan, incredibly popular in the state of Georgia for his victory at Cowpens, South Carolina, viewed as a turning point in the American Revolution.
Acquisition: Creek land cessions, June 16, 1802 and Nov. 14, 1805.
Taken from: Baldwin County, GA
Counties created from:
Cities: Bostwick, Buckhead, Madison (county seat)
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National Register of Historic Places in Morgan County, Georgia
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Map of Morgan County, Georgia

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