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Muscogee County, Georgia
June 9, 1825 Muscogee County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Muscogee County, Georgia
November 22, 1915 A circus train collided with a passenger train six miles east of Columbus, Georgia. 15 passengers and most of the animals died in the wreck or in the ensuing fire.
  Muscogee County, Georgia
April 18, 1953 More than 300 people were injured by a tornado in Muscogee County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
  Muscogee County, Georgia
May 16, 1966 11 people were injured in a tornado that touched down in Muscogee County Georgia, causing almost 3 million dollars of damage.
  Muscogee County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
March 27, 2008 Charles Johnson enters Doctors Hospital in Columbus, Georgia. He stalks a male nurse whom he blames for his mother's death in 2004 and kills him. He kills two more people while making his escape before being shot by a Columbus police detective.
  Gunman at Doctors Hospital
  Columbus, Georgia
  Muscogee County, Georgia

Name derivation:Named in honor of the Creek (Muscogee) Indians.
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