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Nuclear warhead near Savannah
February 5, 1958 An unarmed hydrogen bomb is jettisoned from a B-47 flying over Tybee Roads (the shipping lanes off Tybee Island) into Wassaw Sound after a mid-air accident
  Nuclear warhead near Savannah
December 3, 1986 Plant Hatch, a nuclear power facility near Baxley, Georgia, accidentally released radioactive water into Georgia wetlands near the plant
  Nuclear warhead near Savannah

A thermo-nuclear device blowing up an American city may be at the heart of a Tom Clancy novel, but Savannah, Georgia lives with this threat. Less than 25 miles from downtown a hydrogen bomb 100 times as powerful as the nuclear device detonated at Hiroshima sits...waiting.

It was a cold February night in 1958 when the bomb, being carried on a Air Force B-47 Stratojet, was jettisoned after a mid-air collision with an F-86 Saberjet fighter 36,000 feet above the ocean. The payload remained intact, as did the trigger and the triggering device (200 lbs. of TNT). For weeks the Air Force cordoned off the area and searched, but never found, the device. Today the Department of Defense monitors all dredging activity in the area just in case.

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