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Oglethorpe organizes an administration in the state of Georgia
July 7, 1733 Oglethorpe organizes the administration of Georgia
  James Oglethorpe
  Oglethorpe organizes an administration in the state of Georgia

"On the 7th of July at Day-break the Inhabitants were assembled, on the Strand Prayers were read, by way of Thanksgiving. The people proceeded to the Square. The Wards and Tythings were named, each Tything consisting of ten Houses, and each Ward of four Tythings. A House Lot was given to each Freeholder. All the people had a very plentiful Dinner, and in the Afternoon, the Grant of a Court of Record was read, and the Officers for that Court were appointed."

Oglethorpe had left the colony for Charleston, only to return to find the colonists squabbling. He realized that in order to return to England, which already was on his mind, civil law and courts needed to be established. The actions on July 7 created the Savannah Town Court and Oglethhorpe appointed Peter Gordon, William Waterland and Thomas Causton as the first bailiffs (judges).

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