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Olga Korbut shoplifting
January 31, 2002 Olga Korbut arrested for shoplifting at a Gwinnett County Publix
  Olga Korbut shoplifting
  Gwinnett County, Georgia
April 16, 2002 Olga Korbut pays fine rather than go to trial for shoplifting.
  Olga Korbut shoplifting

At a Gwinnett County Publix Supermarket former Olympic gold medal winner Olga Korbut is arrested for shoplifting cheese, chocolate syrup, figs, a box of tea and seasoning mix. Korbut, four-time winner of the gold medal (3 in 1972 at Munich, Germany, a team gold medal in Montreal four years later), characterized the incident as a misunderstanding.

According to court documents, Rather than go to trial, Ms. Korbut agreed to pay a fine of $333, attend a class in order to be released under a pretrial program and avoid prosecution. The total cost of the items she had in her possession was $19 and she characterized her arrest as a misunderstanding

The gymnast currently works as a coach near Gwinnett County.

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