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Paul Coverdell
January 20, 1939 Paul Coverdell born, Des Moines, Iowa
  Paul Coverdell
November 3, 1992 William Clinton wins Georgia, with George Bush second and Ross Perot third; Wyche Fowler wins the popular vote for U. S. Senate, but fails to gain the required majority, forcing a run-off against Paul Coverdell. Cynthia McKinney is elected to become the first black woman to serve in the U. S. House of Representatives from the state of Georgia.
  Paul Coverdell
  Cynthia McKinney
November 24, 1992 In a run-off election Georgia selects Republican Paul Coverdell as U. S. Senator over incumbent Democrat Wyche Fowler
  Paul Coverdell
July 18, 2000 Paul Coverdell dies at Emory Hospital, from a cerebral hemorrage
  Paul Coverdell
July 24, 2000 Zell Miller is appointed by Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes to fill the U. S. Senate seat left vacant by Paul Coverdell until an election can be held.
  Zell Miller
  Paul Coverdell

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