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Police arrest trucker in Dublin
April 19, 2002
  Police arrest trucker in Dublin

Police arrested Shannon Jones of Delhi, New York at a I-16 rest stop near Dublin, Georgia after a maintenance crew working in McMinn County, Tennessee found a message scrawled in a women's bathroom. The message said "Won't let me out, beating me." then identified the vehicle as "Cannon truck 383." Laurens County police found the truck thanks to a GPS (Global Positioning System) that officials used to trace the truck to the rest stop. The woman was severely bruised and had multiple fractured bones.

Officials with Cannon Trucking stated that the two had signed an agreement with the firm on January 10th, authorizing her as a rider in Jones' truck. Company president Dean Cannon was quoted in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as saying, "...sounds like a lover's spat rather than a kidnapping to me." The truck was carrying light bulbs to a Douglas County Wal-mart.

Charges were later dropped when the woman's story about the bruises came into question.

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