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Rabun County, Georgia
December 21, 1819 Rabun County created
  William Rabun
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Rabun County, Georgia
July 3, 1827 Logan E. Bleckley born, Rabun County, Georgia
  Rabun County, Georgia
  Logan E. Bleckley
July 30, 1972 Filmed in Tallulah Gorge, Clayton and Rabun County, Deliverance, starring Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight, Ned Beatty, Ronny Cox and James Dickey, who also wrote the script, enters general release.
  Rabun County, Georgia
  Movies filmed in Georgia

Name derivation:Named in honor of William Rabun, highly respected governor of Georgia, noted for standing against Andrew Jackson. Jackson had given his word to protect a Creek village, but Rabun and other Georgians suspected the village of raiding settlers in south Georgia. Rabun ordered militia to attack the village, killing ten Indians and causing a rift between the governor and Jackson.
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Cities: Clayton (county seat)
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National Register of Historic Places in Rabun County, Georgia
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