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Roy Riegels earns his 'Wrong Way' nickname
January 1, 1929 California's Roy Riegel scores winning TD in Rose Bowl for Georgia Tech
  Roy Riegels earns his 'Wrong Way' nickname

The Rose Bowl considers it to be the most famous play in Rose Bowl history, and it gave Georgia Tech a victory in the renown bowl. 71,000 fans watched as center Roy Riegel, who had been knocked to the ground, get up and run 65 yards with the ball towards Tech's goal. Unfortunately, Riegel was playing for California at the time, and was tackled by teammate Benny Lom, who was chasing Riegel and yelling at him the entire way. It set up a two-point Tech safety that gave them the one-point margin that they needed. This single play was so heavily covered by the press and radio that it is considered a turning point in the general popularity of college football.

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