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Seminole County, Georgia
July 8, 1920 Seminole County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Seminole County, Georgia
May 14, 1973 Carl Issacs, Billy Issacs, and Wayne Coleman enter the Alday home in Seminole County (Donalsonville), Georgia looking for money and guns. The Maryland work camp escapees kill Jerry Alday, his father Ned, two brothers and an uncle. Jerry's wife Mary, who had witnessed some of the killing, was forced into a car and raped repeatedly before she was killed.
  Alday family murders
  Seminole County, Georgia
December 9, 1985 3 judge panel finds that pretrial publicity about the Alday family murders made a fair trial virtually impossible in Seminole County
  Alday family murders
  Seminole County, Georgia

Name derivation: Named in honor of the Seminole Indians, who were the original occupants of the land
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Cities: Donalsonville (county seat)
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National Register of Historic Places in Seminole County, Georgia
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