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Stephens County, Georgia
May 31, 1783 In Augusta, the state of Georgia concludes a treaty based on the Long Swamp Treaty, which cedes a large tract of land in present-day north Georgia. Although the treaty ceded significant portions of Cherokee (and disputed Creek) land, it did not come close to meeting the demands of Andrew Pickens and Elijah Clarke, who want all land east of the Chattahoochee River
  Hart County, Georgia
  Stephens County, Georgia
  Banks County, Georgia
  Clarke County, Georgia
  Franklin County, Georgia
  City of Augusta, Georgia
August 18, 1905 Stephens County created
  Alexander Stephens
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Stephens County, Georgia
November 6, 1977 Toccoa Falls Bible College loses 39 students when a dam bursts above Toccoa Falls.
  Stephens County, Georgia
November 1, 2011 Dan Roberts, 67, Frederick Thomas, 73, Samuel Crump, 68, and Ray Adams, 65 are arrested in Toccoa, Georgia for plotting to kill government employees using bombs and ricin.
  Stephens County, Georgia

Name derivation:Named in honor of Alexander Stephens, Vice president of the Confederate States of America and Georgia politician
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Web sites:National Register of Historic Places in Stephens County, Georgia
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