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Storm of the Century
March 13, 1993 The Storm of the Century.
  Storm of the Century

Forecasters had been debating the effect of an unusual low (technically a mesoscale convective complex ) forming east of the Rockies in Colorado. As the front moved to the south and east, it began to pick up a huge amount of moisture from the gulf. Snow began falling early Saturday morning and at 7:50am the National Weather Service upgraded a heavy snow warning to a blizzard warning. Winds that peaked at 61 miles per hour combined with snow falling at the rate of 4 to 8 inches an hour in some places across north Georgia. By the time it was over some areas had 18 to 24 inches of snow with drifts up to six feet high. In metro Atlanta there were areas that received eight inches of snow. Dropping temperatures also caused severe crop damage throughout much of the state. Hundreds of people were injured, millions of dollars in property was damaged and 16 people lost their lives

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