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Taliaferro County, Georgia
June 1, 1773 Royal Governor James Wright and British Indian Agent John Stuart conclude a meeting to resolve boundary disputes with the Treaty of Augusta, which ceded some 675,000 acres from the Creek Nation to the state of Georgia.
  James Wright
  Creek Indians
  Taliaferro County, Georgia
  City of Augusta, Georgia
February 11, 1812 Alexander H. Stephens, Vice-president of the Confederate States of America, Georgia governor and U. S. Senator, born on a farm in present-day Taliaferro County, Georgia (near Crawfordville).
  Alexander Stephens
  Taliaferro County, Georgia
December 24, 1825 Taliaferro County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Taliaferro County, Georgia

Name derivation:Named in honor of Benjamin Taliaferro, Revolutionary War soldier who fought in Savannah and Charleston, later elected to Congress.
Acquisition: Creek and Cherokee cessions, June 1, 1773
Taken from: Greene County, Hancock County, Oglethorpe County, Warren County and Wilkes County
Counties created from: None
Cities: Crawfordville

Web sites:National Register of Historic Places in Taliaferro County, Georgia
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