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The murder of Chief Doublehead
August 9, 1807 Cherokee Chief Doublehead is executed by The Ridge, James Vann and Alexander Saunders
  The murder of Chief Doublehead

It marked the end of an era in the Cherokee Nation and the rise of the republic.

Doublehead had grown powerful by giving Cherokee land to the government through the liberal bribes of Indian Agent Return J. Miegs. The tribal council had made it a crime punishable by death to cede Cherokee land to anyone. Doublehead continued to allow settlers into Cherokee land, and traded holdings with the United States.

Ridge, Vann and Sauders, possibly with the approval of the Cherokee Council, sought Doublehead. The first attempt to kill Doublehead ended when Vann, who was to perform the task, was too drunk. Other attempts followed, but finally Ridge succeeded.

Ironically, Ridge would receive the same punishment for signing the Treaty of New Echota in 1835

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