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Thiokol Chemical Explosion near Woodbine, Georgia
February 3, 1971 An explosion at a Thiokol chemical plant killed 34 people and injured 150.
  Thiokol Chemical Explosion near Woodbine, Georgia
  Camden County, Georgia

The Thiokol Chemical Plant, a sprawling complex of 36 buildings on 7,000, was working on a U. S. Army contract for trip flares (flares that are ignited by an external trigger, normally an enemy soldier approaching a camp's perimeter). Suddenly an explosion leveled one building and damaged three others. As a result of the explosion a forest fire, which would eventually destroy 200 acres of timber near the facility, was also set.

Since the flares contained magnesium, many of the injured were severe burn victims, with second and third degree burns over more than 25% of their bodies.

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