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Thomas County, Georgia
December 23, 1825 Thomas County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Thomas County, Georgia
December 3, 1864 Sherman's Left Wing attempts to liberate the prisoner of war compound, Camp Lawton, north of Millen, Georgia, only to find it empty. Its 10,229 prisoners had been moved to temporary quarters in Thomasville (Thomas County) and Blackshear (Pierce County). Sherman orders the depot and a nearby hotel in Millen burned. Today the site is part of Magnolia Springs State Park
  Thomas County, Georgia
  Pierce County, Georgia
  March to the Sea

Name derivation:Named in honor of Jett Thomas, who served in the War of 1812 and is credited with building the first university building in Athens, Georgia
Acquisition: Creek cession of August 9, 1814
Taken from: Decatur County, Georgia, Irwin County, Georgia
Counties created from:
Cities: Thomasville (county seat)
Web sites:
National Register of Historic Places in Thomas County, Georgia
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Thomas County, Georgia map

Located on the Georgia-Florida border, Thomas County was briefly used to house Union prisoners-of-war during The Civil War

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