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Tommy Roe
May 9, 1942 Singer Tommy Roe born, Atlanta, Georgia
  Tommy Roe
August 11, 1962 Sheila, Tommy Roe's first charted single, goes to #1 for two weeks
  Tommy Roe
July 2, 1966 Sweet Pea by Tommy Roe reaches #8 on Billboard
  Tommy Roe
May 17, 1969 Dizzy by Tommy Roe begins a four-week stint as the #1 record in the nation
  Tommy Roe

Born Thomas David Roe in Atlanta, his family moved to Alpharetta while he was a young boy. In the late '50's he formed a band, the Satins and recorded the first version of Sheila, which did not sell. In 1962, as a single artist recording for Paramount, he re-recorded the song and released it as the 'B' side on a 45rpm. It became his first #1 hit.

Shiela and other early hits did nothing to conceal Tommy's strong ties to deceased rocker Buddy Holly, both from a vocal and musical point. He continued through the decade with an impressive string of hits. However, It was Tommy's underlying contributions to the creation of the wildly crazy, albeit brief "Bubblegum Rock" craze in the late 1960s that earned him a prominent position in rock and roll history.

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