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Tornadoes strike Camilla and Bridgeboro
March 20, 2003 Tornadoes strike Mitchell and Worth Counties
  Worth County, Georgia
  Mitchell County, Georgia
  Tornadoes strike Camilla and Bridgeboro
  Georgia Tornadoes

Lighting may not strike the same place twice, but tornadoes do as residents of Camilla found out today. Three years earlier a tornado plowed through town following almost the same path as these.

The pre-dawn tornadoes (two funnel clouds were spotted) killed 6 people and injured more than 200 in Camilla and the surrounding area, south of Albany, Georgia. Between 50 and 75 homes were destroyed and another 75 were damaged in Mitchell County, according to county emergency management officials. Decatur, Seminole, and Ben Hill counties suffered flooding and damage as well.

The storms were part of a larger system that dumped heavy rain across the state.

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