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Towns County, Georgia
March 6, 1856 Towns County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Towns County, Georgia
February 24, 1932 Former U. S. Senator and governor Zell Miller is born in Young Harris
  Zell Miller
  Towns County, Georgia
May 21, 2004 Georgia Senator Zell Miller, retiring at the end of this term, announces he will not teach at his alma mater, Young Harris College in Young Harris, Georgia. Professor David Franklin penned a letter the Senator labeled as "vitrolic." Miller compared the enviroment at the college to Washington, D. C., and stated that he would not "put up with this kind of vitriol." In the letter, Franklin bitterly complained about the HOPE scholarship funding and Miller's stand on Iraq prisoner abuse.
  Zell Miller
  Towns County, Georgia

Name derivation:Named in honor of George Washington Towns, governor of the state.
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