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Travis Tritt
February 9, 1963 Country music star Travis Tritt born, Marietta
  Marietta, GA
  Travis Tritt
September 6, 1990 Travis Tritt releases Country Club
  Travis Tritt
August 15, 1992 Travis Tritt releases T-R-O-U-B-L-E
  Travis Tritt

Music may have been in his heart from an early age, but it was Travis Tritt's boss at an air conditioning company, a failed guitarist himself, who encouraged Tritt to pursue his dream of performing. His unique sound had its roots in both country and gospel, with a little rock and roll thrown in, but he was a honky-tonk loving cowboy right from the start. He needed a three-song demo record to enter a contest at the Omni and through a friend found Danny Davenport, who helped him record both the demo and his first album, Proud of the Country, on the CopperHill label.

In 1989, after playing honky-tonks for seven years, Danny Davenport finally convinced Warner Brothers to sign the singer, leading to his first #1 hit, Country Club. By 1994 he had added Here's a Quarter (call someone who cares), T-R-O-U-B-L-E, The Whiskey Ain't Working, and Foolish Pride.

He expanded his horizons with acting, including the forgettable comedy, Sgt. Bilko, then returned to music to join his friend Marty Stuart for two singles and a tour they called the "No Hats Tour". He gave a memorable performance at the 1993 Superbowl at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, just down the road from his hometown. Ten Foot Tall and Bulletproof gave Travis Tritt the chance to welcome Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams, Jr. to the stage as guests.

Today Travis Tritt is also known for his long-time association with our armed forces. Whether it was speaking to troops at Fort Knox, Kentucky or shaking the hand of a wounded vet in Washington DC, Travis Tritt has gone the extra mile to make sure our service men and women have been welcomed home. He also served for three years, from 1993 to 1996 as spokesman for the Disabled American Veterans.

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