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Vernon Jordan
August 15, 1935 Vernon Jordan born at Grady Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia
  Vernon Jordan
May 29, 1980 Vernon Jordan is shot by racist Joseph Paul Franklin.
  Vernon Jordan
June 1, 1980 President Jimmy Carter visits Vernon Jordan in Fort Wayne, Indiana as Jordan is recovering from an attempted assassination.
  Jimmy Carter
  Vernon Jordan
November 5, 1997 Monica Lewinsky speaks with Clinton pal Vernon Jordan, looking for a job. She had just been listed as a potential witness against President Clinton in a sexual harassment case filed by Paula Jones
  Vernon Jordan
December 8, 1997 Earliest date the Clinton White House admits asking Vernon Jordan to find a job for Monica Lewinsky.
  Vernon Jordan
January 12, 1998 In a taped phone conversation Monica Lewinsky admits that Vernon Jordan, as well as President William Clinton, encouraged her to lie about her affair with President Clinton while under oath (perjury).
  Vernon Jordan
January 22, 1998 Jordan denies that he told Monica Lewinsky to lie about her affair with President Clinton. Jordan claims that Lewinsky told him she had not had an affair with Clinton
  Vernon Jordan
December 17, 2002 Vernon Can Read! published. Vernon Jordan's employer, Robert Maddox, was so impressed with the fact that his chauffeur could read that he told all his friends, hence the title. The book is an accurate look at the difference between life in the North and life in the South for blacks from the 1940's - 1980's.
  Vernon Jordan

Vernon E. (Eulion) Jordan, Jr. grew up as part of a middle class family in the Deep South. His mother's catering service brought him in contact with upper-class white lawyers, which played an important role in his decision to enter law.

After graduation from an Atlanta high school, Jordan attended DePauw University (where he was the only African American in his class), later receiving his law degree from Howard University. It was while he was a student at Howard that he came in contact with Thurgood Marshall, who was both teacher and mentor to the young law student.

Vernon Jordan's long career began as a law clerk in the offices of Donald Hollowell, an attorney with a long history of civil rights cases. Jordan was heavily involved with the integration of the University of Georgia in 1961. The bar in Georgia in 1961 was not segregated -- there simply were no black lawyers in the state. Realizing this only motivated Jordan.

In 1972 Mr. Jordan became Executive Director of the National Urban League. He successfully lobbied many American corporations, encouraging them to hire African-Americans. Jordan was also an able fund-raiser, looking outside the traditional group of contributors to fund projects directed by the Urban League.

A racially motivated assassination attempt in 1980 slowed him down, but only briefly. It was his relationship will President William Clinton that once again catapulted him into the spotlight. During the sordid Monica Lewinsky Affair, Jordan gave testimony in support of Clinton's position, rebuking the sworn testimony of Lewinsky that both Jordan and Clinton had attempted to persuade her to lie under oath (this, in legal terms, is known as suborning perjury).

Returning to New York, Jordan is now the powerful leader of an investment firm.

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