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Violence in Camille, GA
September 19, 1868 During a Republican rally in Camilla, Georgia, violence flares in front of the Mitchell County Courthouse.
  Mitchell County, Georgia
  Violence in Camille, GA

It is one of those "forgotten" incidents in the history of the fight for an integrated society. Early in the morning of September 19, 1868, a group of slightly less than 100 freedmen (blacks who were no longer slaves) and Republicans began walking into Camille, Georgia for a political rally in front of the courthouse. Some of the Republicans were candidates in the local elections. Warned by the sheriff not to enter the town, the group chose to ignore the warning. The sheriff proceeded into town and returned to warn them again that he could not protect them if they continued the march to the courthouse. They arrived in town around noon and violence flared. Gunfire took the lives of several marchers and chased the others into woods near the outskirts of town. From the woods survivors made their way back to the safety of Albany.

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