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Walton County, Georgia
December 15, 1818 Walton County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  George Walton
  Walton County, Georgia
May 20, 1824 Alfred Holt Colquitt born, Walton County, Georgia
  Walton County, Georgia
July 25, 1946 Four blacks, two of whom were female, are pulled from a car in Walton County by a gang of white men. One of the men had been accused of attacking his employer and had just been bailed out of jail. According to testimony, one of the females recognized the attackers. All four were murdered. This incident is commonly called the "Walton County Massacre"
  Walton County, Georgia
January 31, 2011 Walton County's Besse Cooper becomes the oldest living person in the world.
  Walton County, Georgia

Name derivation: Named in honor of George Walton, signed the Declaration of Independence, Governor
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Cities: Good Hope, Logonville, Monroe (county seat), Social Circle, Walnut Grove
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National Register of Historic Places in Walton County, Georgia
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