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Wilkes County, Georgia
February 5, 1777 Wilkes County created
  John Wilkes
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Wilkes County, Georgia
February 14, 1779 Battle of Kettle Creek - American forces under the command of Andrew Pickens, Elijah Clarke and John Dooley defeat a larger number of British forces in rural Georgia. For more information see: Georgia Fights Back The Battle of Kettle Creek or visit the battlefield at: Kettle Creek battlefield
  Andrew Pickens
  Georgia and the American Revolution
  Wilkes County, Georgia
July 2, 1810 Robert Augustus Toombs born, Wilkes County, Georgia
  Wilkes County, Georgia
  Robert Toombs
October 4, 1840 African Methodist Episcopal minister W. J. (Wesley John) Gaines is born in Wilkes County, Georgia
  Wilkes County, Georgia
December 15, 1885 Robert Augustus Toombs dies, Washington, Georgia
  Wilkes County, Georgia
  Robert Toombs

Name derivation:Named in honor of John Wilkes, radical member of Parliament who opposed King George III and his Prime Minister, founded a radical newspaper, convicted of sedition and libel for articles attacking the king, and eventually serving as Lord Mayor of London.
Acquisition: Cessions of the Creek and Cherokee, June 1, 1773
Taken from: An original county
Counties created from: Elbert County, Lincoln County, Oglethorpe County, Taliaferro County, Warren County
Cities: Washington (county seat), Tiggnall
Web sites: National Register of Historic Places in Wilkes County, Georgia
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