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William Pierce
February 10, 1787 Georgia Assembly appoints William Pierce, William Few, Abraham Baldwin, George Walton, William Houstoun and Nathaniel Pendleton as delegates to the Federal Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  William Pierce
  George Walton
  Abraham Baldwin
  William Few
May 31, 1787 William Pierce arrives at the Constitution Convention
  William Pierce
December 10, 1789 William Pierce, who represented the state of Georgia at the Constitutional Convention, dies bankrupt in Savannah, Georgia
  William Pierce
  Savannah, Georgia births and deaths
December 18, 1857 Pierce County created
  William Pierce
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Pierce County, Georgia

Enigmatic William Pierce was probably born in Georgia in 1740 but raised in Virginia. While serving under Nathaneal Greene, Pierce was breveted a Major and used that title for the rest of his life. Unsuccessful at business in Savannah, he was chosen to represent the state at the Constitutional Covention in Philadelphia. He frequently wrote short biographies about other delegates, giving modern historians important insight to the lesser known participants. Of the Georgians Pierce wrote:

William Few - Mr. Few possesses a strong natural Genius, and from application has acquired some knowledge of legal matters; -he practises at the bar of Georgia, and speaks tolerably well in the Legislature. He has been twice a Member of Congress, and served in that capacity with fidelity to his State, and honor to himself. Mr. Few is about 35 years of age.

Abraham Baldwin - Mr. Baldwin is a Gentleman of superior abilities, and joins in a public debate with great art and eloquence. Having laid the foundation of a compleat classical education at Harvard College, he pursues every other study with ease. He is well acquainted with Books and Characters, and has an accomodating turn of mind, which enables him to gain the confidence of Men, and to understand them. He is a practising Attorney in Georgia, and has been twice a Member of Congress. Mr. Baldwin is about 38 years of age.

William Houstoun - Mr. Houstoun is an Attorney at Law, and has been Member of Congress for the State of Georgia. He is a Gentleman of Family, and was educated in England. As to his legal or political knowledge he has very little to boast of. Nature seems to have done more for his corporeal than mental powers. His Person is striking, but his mind very little improved with useful or elegant knowledge. He has none of the talents requisite for the Orator, but in public debate is confused and irregular. Mr. Houstoun is about 30 years of age of an amiable and sweet temper, and of good and honorable principles.

He also included the following about himself:My own character I shall not attempt to draw, but leave those who may choose to speculate on it, to consider it in any light that their fancy or imagination may depict. I am conscious of having discharged my duty as a Soldier through the course of the late revolution with honor and propriety; and my services in Congress and the Convention were bestowed with the best intention towards the interest of Georgia, and towards the general welfare of the Confederacy. I possess ambition, and it was that, and the flattering opinion which some of my Friends had of me, that gave me a seat in the wisest Council in the World, and furnished me with an opportunity of giving these short Sketches of the Characters who composed it.

At the time of his death at age 49, William Pierce was deeply in debt.

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