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William Tatum Wofford
June 28, 1824 William Tatum Wofford born, near Cornelia (Habersham County), Georgia. This date is sometimes erroneously given as 1823
  Habersham County, Georgia
  William Tatum Wofford
January 19, 1863 W. T. Wofford promoted to Brigadier General
  William Tatum Wofford
May 12, 1865 General William Tatum Wofford surrenders the last organized group of Confederate soldiers east of the Mississippi at Kingston, Georgia
  William Tatum Wofford
  Civil War - 1865
May 22, 1884 William Tatum Wofford dies, Cass Station, Georgia and is buried at the Cassville Cemetery
  William Tatum Wofford

This Confederate General who surrendered the last group of organized soldiers east of the Mississippi after the end of the War Between the States had a long career in the area around Cartersville. He was one of the first lawyers to practice before the newly organized Georgia Supreme Court in 1846, then went to war -- the Mexican War. There he served under General Winfield Scott as a cavalry captain. After returning to Georgia, Wofford became deeply involved in the area around his adopted hometown of Cassville, Georgia. Today a suburb of Cartersville, at the time Cassville was the cultural capital of north Georgia. He helped get a paper started, developed his law practice and served as a representative in the Georgia House.

Elected a delegate from Cass (now Bartow) County, Wofford voted against secession, but when the call to arms came he joined his fellow Georgians in the fight against the north.

He fought at Gettysburg, Second Manassas and Fredricksburg, after which he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General. After the war her continued to be involved in both business and political aspects of the county and state, serving on the State Constitutional Convention convened in 1877.

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