Chickamauga - an Introduction
The battle of Chickamauga involved many famous generals, but the battle was fought by the common man, frequently without leaders.
Prelude - December, 1862 to September, 1863
Events leading up to the bloodiest two days of American history -- Chickamauga
The Day Before Chickamauga - September 18, 1863
Preperations for battle and the conflict at Reed's and Alexander's Bridge
Chickamauga - First Contact
As General Dan McCook withdraws from Reed's Bridge he reports enemy troops in the area to Gen,. George Thomas, who orders Col. Croxton to advance.
Early fighting at Chickamauga
Yankees move towards Reed Bridge to flush a Rebel brigade. They run into Forrest's cavalry.
Chickamauga - The Conflict Widens
Troops, both Yankees and Rebels, pour into the battlefield. Soon, fighting spreads south of the Brotherton Road.
A Battleline is Drawn
Confederates advance, crossing Lafayette Road, only to be repulsed by two late-arriving Union divisions. After a pointless attack by Pat Cleburne, Union soldiers begin to build protection.
Chickamauga, Second Day (September 20, 1863): A Bad Start
Rosecrans Moves North
Breakthrough at the Brotherton Cabin
General John B. Hood leads a breakthough at Brotherton Cabin, devastating Rosecrans' Army of the Cumberland
Counterattack of the Lightning Brigade
Following the Confederate breakout, Hood revises Longstreet's plan, sweeping right towards the retreating Army of the Cumberland
Granger Reinforces Thomas
A reinforced Thomas makes a bold last stand on Snodgrass Hill
Final Struggles at Chickamauga
A reinforced Thomas makes a bold last stand on Snodgrass Hill
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