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January 13, 1962 Ray Charles hits #9 with “Unchain My Heart”.
  Ray Charles
January 20, 1962 Break it to me Gently peaks at #4
  Brenda Lee
February 2, 1962 Edward Wayne Edwards, on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list, is arrested in Atlanta
February 21, 1962 Diocese of Atlanta become an Archdiocese with the appointment of Most Rev. Paul J. Hallinan, D.D. as archbishop
February 27, 1962 Martin Luther King is convicted of minor offenses in Albany, Georgia as a result of his attempt to desegregate that city, however other charges remain pending
  Martin Luther King
  Albany, Georgia
March 26, 1962 In Baker v. Carr, the Supreme Court establishes the "one man, one vote" rule.
  Jimmy Carter
April 12, 1962 The Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel is dedicated by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
  Callaway Gardens
April 12, 1962 The Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad opens at Stone Mountain Park
  Stone Mountain
April 28, 1962 Everybody Loves Me But You peaks at #6
  Brenda Lee
May 9, 1962 106 members and friends of the Atlanta Art Association begin a month-long tour of Europe. Crash at Orly Airport - The Day Atlanta Died
June 2, 1962 I Can't Stop Loving You by Ray Charles reaches Number 1
  Ray Charles
June 3, 1962 Air France jet carrying 106 Atlanta civic and cultural leaders crashed during take-off at Orly Airport in Paris, France. Crash at Orly Airport - The Day Atlanta Died
June 16, 1962 Baseball star Wally Joyner born, Stone Mountain
June 18, 1962 Hammerin' Hank Aaron becomes one of three players to hit a home run in dead center of the Polo Grounds in New York. It is considered to be the longest home run of his career
  Hank Aaron
June 21, 1962 Dean Rusk visits West Berlin, meets with Mayor Willie Brandt to discuss the Berlin Crises
  Dean Rusk
July 10, 1962 Rev. Martin Luther King and Rev. Ralph David Abernathy are convicted of charges stemming from his 1961 attempt to desegregate government buildings in Albany, Georgia. He is sentenced to a 45-day jail term.
  Martin Luther King
  Ralph David Abernathy, Jr.
  Albany, Georgia
July 12, 1962 An unidentified person pays Martin Luther King's fine, freeing him from an Albany, Georgia jail
  Martin Luther King
  Albany, Georgia
July 20, 1962 Federal District Court Judge Robert J. Elliot tries to halt demonstrations in Albany with a temporary restraining order. 160 people who met at Shiloh Baptist Church for a demonstration are arrested.
July 22, 1962 While bringing food to jailed demonstrators in Camilla, Georgia, Marion King is assaulted by police officers who hit and kick her until she is unconscious. King was pregnant.
July 24, 1962 The earlier temporary restraining order again Albany Movement Demonstrations is overturned by Judge Elbert P. Tuttle of the U.S. Appeals Court for the Fifth Circuit.
July 25, 1962 In a meeting at Dick Gay's Cue Room, Dr. Martin Luther King and others appeal to activists to maintain a nonviolent attitude
July 27, 1962 Ten demonstrators in front of Albany's City Hall are arrested. After they are arrested a group of 17 demonstrators appear and they too are arrested.
August 11, 1962 Sheila, Tommy Roe's first charted single, goes to #1 for two weeks
  Tommy Roe
August 28, 1962 During a rally organized as part of the Albany Movement Albany police arrest and jail demonstrators for a day.
September 17, 1962 High Hopes Baptist Church near Dawson, Georgia is burned to the ground. It is the 4th "Negro Church" to be set ablaze.
September 25, 1962 A pre-dawn fire at St. Matthew's Baptist Church destroys the building. It is the fifth black church to burn in the past month
October 6, 1962 All Alone Am I peaks at #3
  Brenda Lee
October 16, 1962 Jimmy Carter loses the Democratic primary in a run for the Georgia senate. Carter asks for a recount and wins, thanks to Baker v. Carr
  Jimmy Carter
October 16, 1962 Martin Luther King meets with President John F. Kennedy to discuss the issues King is involved with.
  Martin Luther King
October 19, 1962 Boxer Evander Holyfield born, Atlanta
October 24, 1962 James Brown records Live at the Apollo
  James Brown
November 2, 1962 Carl Sanders is the first Georgia governor elected by popular vote. Jimmy Carter wins the state senate seat for Quitman County
  Carl Sanders
  Jimmy Carter
November 6, 1962 Democrat Herman Talmadge is elected to the U. S. Senate. He was unopposed.
November 20, 1962 John F. Kennedy orders an end to racial discrimination in federal housing (Executive order 11063)
  The Road to Integration
November 28, 1962 The Skylift, an Alpine-style tramway, opens at Stone Mountain Park. Governor Ernest Vandiver and Swiss Ambassador August Lindt attend the ceremony.
  Stone Mountain
December 2, 1962 A Louisville and Nashville train derails in Marietta, Georgia while carrying nuclear weapons components
  Marietta, GA
December 21, 1962 Country music singer Christy Forester born, Lookout Mountain, Georgia
December 22, 1962 Jeanette Clark, a 16 year old Barnesville, Georgia native, dies in a car accident on U. S. Highway 341, along with 2 other teenagers who were attending Gordon College. Wayne Cochran, who had already written "Last Kiss," dedicated the song to Clark.
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